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The Garden living lab.s

Ladies & Gentlefish, Voyagers of the Void, Scientists, Scallywags, and Instruments of the Way: Is there a nameless renaissance within you?

Come play.

We are cultivating a new scene: A creative cauldron for embodied genius, art, world builders, nature lovers, nerds, & cultural activists. We swim in the edges of possibility, where the path from imagination to reality is short & sweet. This space is dialectical & raw, applied & real.

We invite those who wish to connect, create, work productively, better understand themselves, live, love, and grow. This is new. This is forming. This will be our second full season. Some edges are still rough. Much of it is co-created. Most of the core operations are run by a local & international paid team. This will not be a perfect journey. This is life. We invite your agency & participation. Welcome to the lab.s

 📌 We're 45 minutes from Porto airport in the enchanted forests of northern Portugal, on a private estate.
📌 We're 45 minutes from Porto airport in the enchanted forests of northern Portugal, on a private estate.

Would you like to join the mischief? This experience is by application only.

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🌞 Our Calendar

April 17: Lab.s open April 1921: Opening Shindig May 1012: Definitely Not Tantra May 22—30: Somewhere Build May 30: Lab.s pause May 30—June 5: Somewhere [Portuguese Burn] June 19—24: Contact Dojo (CI) June 27—30: Agua Terra Gathering [external] July 3: Lab.s recommence August 2—4: Psychedelic Science Sandbox August 16—18: A(G)I Weekend August 16—August 30: SYNESTHESIA Build Residency August 30: Lab.s close August 30—September 4: SYNESTHESIA September 11—15: Gathering of Tribes [external]

Fine print: Green = overlaps with labs & admission is included for lab.s residents. You may also get a ticket separately and come just for the weekend. Other events & productions are ticketed & organize independently of the lab.s. It is generally possible to stay, pro-rata, in the gaps between gatherings/lab.s. At times, lab.s and event builds will overlap. Expect additional sounds, sweat, & smiles.
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This is an ephemeral co-living, co-created community on 22 acres of private paradise. As of today, our community consists of 8 core team members & professional staff which, together with volunteers, maintain and improve the space.

Our target is 25-50 humans on-site for these lab.s. The max capacity of the Garden is 150 beds, and we are hosting a 600 person gathering later this year, so expect plenty of space & privacy.

⛩️ 12 person hot tub • two spring water cold plunges • squishy dance floor 200sqm embodiment hall 2000 Mbps dual fiber-optic internet • meditation & yoga studiosauna • pretty great gym • pool • enchanted forests • jam space w/ instrumentsprivate call room • co-work zones [under construction] yoga platformslake communal & industrial kitchen two aerial silks • lyra ⛩️
To maintain a coherent container and smooth transitions, everyone joins on a Wednesday & we encourage people to leave on a Tuesday, if possible.

◾A carefully curated creative cauldron.

◾A playground for the brave, the real, and the down.

◾A living lab to cultivate emergence.

◾A melting pot of multidisciplinary experimentation.

◾A place to work and play as your best self [or whichever self shows up] This is not a bar — the Garden is alcohol & smoke free. This is not an intentional community. You cannot live here forever. This is not an airbnb or hostel — come here with focus & responsibility.

Remote work friendly. The estate was chosen for its total privacy, close proximity to Porto and amenities, fiber-optic internet, and exquisite nature. While there is some fantastic infrastructure here, please understand that we are building the ship as we are sailing it & this is a paradise in progress.

Or, if words are your thing, read our vision & values metadoc & agreements.

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🖤 FAQ:

If you made if this far, you are our kind of curious.

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Can't make it now but want to stay in the loop? Here's the group for secret gatherings

2023 Testimonials

"I had the time of my life here."
"It was the best coming back to myself. These six weeks were exactly what my soul needed and SYNESTHESIA hasn't even started yet. It's un-fucking-real.
"The best parts of a festival and home, all the time."
"It's the healthiest I've eaten for a month"
"I became myself at the Garden."